We contribute to the sustainability and security of the environment and communities

CESERE SelgeSiht is a research-oriented SME that carries out projects and studies related to sustainability and environmental awareness. In addition, we also develop and conduct environmental education programs, seminars and practical outdoor activities in the nature.

Categories of our activities:

Our mission is to support sustainability, security, well-being and environmental responsibility aspects of communities.

Our values are trustworthiness, competency and innovation.

We integrate research, development and innovation on community and environmental sustainability and security with practical activities in the area of environmental education, sustainable nature, cultural heritage and recreation.


Sustainability and Security Research

We conduct research and studies on environmental sustainability, safety and sustainability of communities, ecosystem services and societal wellbeing. We focus on multi-dimensional situation awareness (including fusion of sensory and other various data sources), scenario analysis and emergent behaviour analysis and simulation.

Our team comprises of specialists and researches from social and natural sciences, technology, security and environmental technology with the experience in  international and national projects and frameworks (incl Horizon Europe, Horizon 2020, EDA, etc).

The sustainability and security research activities are described on the page CESERE Research and Development Centre.

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Environmental Education Programs

SelgeSiht Environmental Education Centre conducts environmental education programs for schools. The main focus of the programs is on environmental awareness, sustainability and responsibility. We use outdoor learning methods in dedicated environments, mostly in forests including Near Forest concept and farm forests with continuous forest management principles. More than half of our environmental education programs carry the label “well thought out program”, issued by the Estonian Environmental Education Association. 

Environmental Awareness and Community Involvement Practice

We emphasize the importance of increasing environmental awareness in decision making. Therefore we conduct training, seminars and awareness building for communities, local authorities and individuals. 

We focus on sustainability, community resilience and security, natural diversity aspects and developing of ecosystem services in order to propagate the understanding the role of involvement of each person for keeping balance and guaranteeing long-term sustainability.

Seminars and other outoor activities

Our practical activities are  related to environmental sustainability, balance and wellbeing, thus also supporting safety and security in communities. We believe that everyday practice will support the balance and integrity between principles and implementation. In practical activities, we focus primarily on nature education and environmental awareness, outdoor learning and hiking.

As one specific focus, we will be happy to propagate and help to understand and use the forest as a recreational area using study programs and activities. This approach and offered activities are in more detail described on the page Practical activities in the  nature.

You can also look at our Friendly Nature News and Blog, our photos in friendlynature.eu account in Instagram and videos in FriendlyNature channel in Facebook.

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Our approach to hiking and easy walks in the nature as one recreational activity introduced here: hiking in Estonia

Another approach is to sense the forest and nature using a mindfulness practice – forest bathing techniques.

In order to support sustainable environmental management and natural diversity, we offer private forest owners the opportunity to gain emotional returns from their forests as well as economic returns. For this purpose, we support comprehensive customized service. The service comprises activities related to forest maintenance (including permanent and sustainable forestry approach), management, highlighting and creation of heritage culture and possible forest trails in order to maintain an emotional connection with the forest. More specifically this is described on the page enjoy your forest!.

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Contact us:  e-mail cesere@cesere.eu, phone: +372 5918 9000.  Address: CESERE, SelgeSiht OU, Raudurdi tee 10, Maardu 74117, ESTONIA