Creating a standardised and transparent European Carbon Dioxide Removal Market

The C- SINK project focuses on carbon sequestration solutions to meet the European Union’s climate goals (2023-2027). The project aims to establish the foundations for a standardized and transparent European Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) market. The project’s overarching vision is to tackle climate change by complementing existing EU and international mitigation efforts through the responsible deployment of CDR technologies.

The technologies analysed in the C-SINK project are biochar, BECCS, Enhanced Weathering, Microbial carbon fixation and afforestation.

C-SINK project data

CESERE role in the C-SINK project:

  • focus on comprehensive analysis of afforestation as a CDR solution;
  • participation, in monotoring, reporting and verification demonstrative testing at CDR industrial environments regarding afforestation;
  • task leader for analysis and synthesis of recommendations derived from internal (SWOT) and external (PESTLE) analyses on framework solutions for CDR;
  • integrated assessment of social impact analysis, total economic value analysis and environmental impact analysis on the different CDR solutions;
  • contribution of definition of the CDR parametrisation framework, building strategies to exploit synergies between different CDR technologies, analysis of current MRV framework and review of the applicable regulatory and policy conditions;
  • participation in relevant work packages as consortium member.

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