Environmental Sustainability and Empowerment of Communities

CESERE conducts applied research and practical activities in order to support actions of communities and organisations for environmental responsibility and wellbeing of communities.

We share the opinion that everyday practice will support the balance and integrity between principles and implementation.

environmental sustainability

Research on Community and Environmental Sustainability

Our main research activities for community and environmental sustainability and security are:

  1. Environmental research and analysis, elaboration of situation awareness and devising respective recommendations.
  2. Environmental footprint calculation for organisations and communities.
  3. Modelling of societal aspects of environmental processes and community activities.
  4. Combination of systems view and modelling of situations and interactions.
  5. Actor-based and timing analysis and trends of environmental and societal processes.
  6. Scenario analysis and prognosis with content and paradigm analysis.

The methodology is described on the page Modeling and Simulations.

environmental sustainability research

Practical Activities for Empowerment of Communities

Practical activities for empowering of communities  and individuals comprise of:

  1. Networking and engaging of communities.
  2. Conducting practical environmental activities on community-based, countrywide or at international level.
  3. Increasing environmental awareness through .
  4. Practical activities related to sustainability, balance, wellbeing and environmental responsibility in communities, thus also supporting their safety and security.
  5. Conducting study programs and outdoor learning courses for schools (different grades).
  6. Cooperation with environmental and community NGOs and their networks.

Some practical activities with links are also listed here.

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