We conduct training and seminars on the topics of situation awareness, knowledge management, project writing including applying for financing and project management.

We are focused on the area of sustainability, security and empowerment of communities and societies and to environmental sustainability, but we also support the situation awareness, knowledge management, empowerment and project management in other domains.

trainings and seminars on community sustainability and security

Situation Awareness

The training will focus on models, principles and practical activities on how to capture, shape and handle strategic, tactical and operational pictures of situation awareness. The training stresses the importance of situation awareness for supporting decision making in an organisation.  The training will also point out how to shape and re-engineer processes in order to ensure situation awareness in the organisation.

situation awareness

Knowledge Management

The aim of Knowledge Management is to support the best performance of the organisation. The current training will focus on how collect, manage and share explcit and tacit knowledge for better fulfilment of organsiational objectives and ensuring situation awareness. We will show best practices and lessons learned to take into account. We will also demonstrate how to elaborate and implement the system in resource-sensitive way.

Writing and defending of projects

As there is increasing competition to find suitable financing for a project, skillful composition of a project proposal is of key importance.  

This training will describe critical success factors of project proposals and to understand specific requirements and aspects of chosen finance programmes. 

Upon request, the training may focus explicitly on composing project proposals for Horizon 2020 calls or on participation in those calls.

writing and defending of projects

Project Management

Skillful project management has key importance for fulfillment of  project objectives and obtaining expected results. Our training will describe key principles for efficient project management as well as additional criteria related to progress, performance, team management, cooperation with subscriber or project owner, project documentation and preparations for audit. 

Upon the request, the training will focus especially on project management of Horizon 2020 projects as the role of coordinator, beneficiary (consortium member) of advisory board member.

project management

Contact us by e-mail cesere@cesere.eu or by phone +372 5918 9000 for more specific information and planning of training and seminars.