Centre for Community and Environmental Sustainability and Security Research CESERE focuses on sustainable, secure, empowered and environmentally responsible communities.

The scope of CESERE is applied research and development activities in the field of natural and social sciences and technology.


The previous and current research projects of our team and network members have focused either on certain aspects of the domain or integration activities. Some projects were related to determination, analysis and design of situation assessment and situation awareness in heterogeneous systems. Set of the projects were related to analysis and improvement of information exchange and devising corresponding decision making systems. Our team and network members have participated and participating in a number of international and national projects including, but not limited to EU Horizon 2020 and FP7 frameworks and European Defence Agency projects.

Important aspects of community-focused projects are social cohesion and empowerment.  Modelling of communities and their behaviour often leads to multi-agent approach and modelling of relevant emergent behaviour.

Research and Development Centre CESERE at SelgeSiht is ready to offer effort and expertise in R&D projects that support understanding on various phenomena and trends in communities/society and in development of corresponding solutions. We currently seek partners for research and innovation projects in the area of community research, usage of technology in communities, security, sustainability and resilience. Our main activities that support research include collecting user needs and requirements, developing and conducting surveys, analysis, simulation, modelling and training. 

We also offer training and seminars in situation awareness, knowledge management, project management and project writing and financing. More information is provided on the page Training and seminars

In case of cooperation interest of project proposal please contact: cesere@cesere.eu or by phone +372 5918 9000