Own forest is a valuable asset. Enjoy being owner and enjoy your forest! We wish to help you to find and promote characteristic values of your forest. More specifically, we wish to support developing and changing the forest to recreation area still keeping it as a profitable commercial forest.  

If necessary, we will assist in arranging forest inventory and preparation of forest management plan. We can map and inform about cultural heritage objects and help to exhibit them. These activities can be one-time or as permanent maintenance.

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We can provide an integrated service for forest maintenance  which includes:

  • forest management and maintenance in accordance with the forest management plan and agreement with the owner;
  • identifying, mapping and exhibiting heritage sites;
  • understanding the history of the place according to the archival material; compiling and presenting it;
  • planting of special trees (e.g. for anniversaries, remembrance, trees of provenance, etc.) and, when suitable and appropriate, their cultivation service;
  • development of hiking trails and nature study trails that support recreation in the forest and introduce cultural heritage;
  • designing personalized souvenirs or products of a particular forest, area or farm (drone photos, calendar, etc.).
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Each of these activities can be ordered and completed separately or by selecting the appropriate set of activities. For example, you can only focus on maintaining the forest and improving the accessibility of the forest by creating trails and routes. It is also possible to study the history of the forest based on archival materials; to search cultural heritage objects and exhibit them in nature.

A private study trail can also be built to highlight the forest’s specialty and history. The trail can be designed for the public or for private use.

We are ready to plant suitable trees, which can be planted in the forest either as ordinary forest trees or as a specially designed solution for a special occasion.

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As a result your forest brings both economic and emotional satisfaction and you can enjoy your forest.

For more information please send an e-mail info@selgesiht.eu or call +372 5918 9000.

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