Hiking is easy and joyful! We like hiking in Estonia and organize hikes in beautiful landscapes in different regions Estonia. We carry out charter trips and also welcome you to open group hikes. 

Hikes take us to different types of forest, bogs and to other interesting places.The average length of a hike is 3-6 kilometers and is suitable also for families and children. Most often, our hikes are in around Tallinn in Harjumaa as well as in Lääne-Virumaa and Viljandimaa. 

Due to the pandemic spread of the coronavirus in the world we take preventive mechanisms during our hikes and keep safe distances between the persons. 

hiking in Estonia

Duration of a hike is 2-3 hours in average (plus transport to and from the hiking trail, if necessary). During the hike we will see beautiful views, talk about nature and environmental sustainability as well as introduce the history of the area and the heritage culture. We adjust the pace of hiking with the preferences of the group in order to enable taking photos. Tours are in Estonian and English.

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Hiking in Estonia - Seasonal Diversities

Depending on the time of the year, we have different hiking trails and topic. In Spring we pay attention to rebirth of the nature and visit waterfalls and forests. Summer is the most popular hiking session. Estonia offers large variety of possibilities combining forest, bog, lakeside and cultural heritage hikes. There are a number of National parks, nature reserves and hiking trails to visit and explore! Autumn is nice time for colorful hikes on hills and peaceful walks in bogs. Winter brings mystery with hiking with lanterns and lamps.


Charter trips and practical organisation of hiking

Charter trips take us to beautiful forests in Northern Estonia around Tallinn and in Lahemaa National Park. There are also some amazing peaceful bog trails in Central Estonia within 1 hour distance from Tallinn. In Southern Estonia we  introduce beautiful landscapes and permanent forest trails near Pärnu, Viljandi and Otepää.

We can also organize trips to the area of your choice, with the desired focus, length and duration. We can customize the theme of the trip and additional activities based on the specific order. For example, we can combine hiking in natural landscape with anthropogenic landscape and cultural heritage aspects or forest bathing. 

To order a trip, please write hiking@hiking.ee or call +372 5918 9000.

forest hiking

Join with us on hiking! We are happy for every participant and also encourage family hiking. Common memories create also joint feeling about the nature and its beauty.  

For open group hikes, the usual participation fee for group hikes is 5-10 euros per participant. Transport to hike and back is not included, but is possible to organize. Children are free of charge if they are accompanied by a parent. Well behaving dogs are welcome at the owner’s own risk. 

Participation in the hike is at the participant’s own risk. We suggest to prepare and dress according to the weather and the specific hike.